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Espiritu de Chile

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A line of wines that represents Chile’s best attributes: The bright sunshine reflecting on the Andes and pure air, the perfect combination for the production of the best grapes.With a centuries-old tradition, Chile's vineyards combine careful selection of grapes and varieties, and thorough vinification processes.Top-level winemaking techniques capture the identity of Chilean wines, renowned around the world for their firm structure and high aromatic expression.Located on the southern end of the Americas, Chilean vineyards grow in a Mediterranean climate and healthy, powerful soils.In this land of contrasts, geography is delineated by natural borders that favor the production of diverse, sustainable, premium quality wines.The rivers that flow down from the Andes irrigate the land that offers the ideal conditions for the growing of grape varieties most sought for worldwide.Join us on a trip to Chile's winegrowing tradition through Espíritu de Chile.
Tip: Alb Sec Vol: 750ml Alc: 13%vol Espiritu de Chile Sauvignon Blanc se remarcă prin culoarea galben-verzuie specifică vinurilor tinere şi prin complexitatea aromatică, ce dezvăluie note de citr...
37,48 RON
Tip: Rosu Sec Vol: 750ml Alc: 13.5%vol Acest vin rosu chilian, Espiritu De Chile Cabernet Sauvignon, se bucura de o structura bogata, echilibrata si armonioasa. Gust de mure si vanilie cu o notă...
32,48 RON


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