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Formas de pago ( ofrece las siguientes formas de pago:

Pago contra reembolso

Si quieres pagar contra reembolso, deberás pagar la cantidad entera en el momento en el que recibes tu pedido. Si el pedido está entregado por una empresa de transporte entregarás el dinero al representante de esa empresa.

Transferencia bancaria

Después de realizar el pedido recibirás toda la información necesaria para la transferencia. El pedido será enviado después de recibir la confirmación del pago.

Recogida en la tienda

El pago completo se hace en la tienda, cuando se retira la mercancía.

Online payment -

You can pay online with your personal or your company's credit card, in absolute safety. This payment method is extremely secure, because your credit card information is never stored by the processing company and because it is secured and encrypted. offers free services to owners of cards issued in Romania (domestic or international cards). All card owners can use their cards on online shops from Romania, if the issuing bank allows it.

In order to make the payment, you will have to enter your credit card number, the expiration date and the CVV2/CVC2 code (the last three digits located on the back of your card, to the right of the signature strip).

This payment method allows transactions in RON, EUR and USD.